POM — Pay and archive your invoices with one click

No more fiddling about with your card reader. Now you can pay your invoices with one click and archive them automatically. Safe, simple, and free.

Scan To Pay

Scan the pink payment slip, pay securely in one click and automatically archive your payment online.

Connect To Pay

Connect with affiliated suppliers. Get your invoices directly in POM, pay them in one click and store them in your own online archive of your choice.

Forward To Pay

Send any PDF invoice by email to ForwardToPay@JustPOM.it. POM will retrieve the payment details from the PDF and after a few seconds you can execute the payment, safely in one click.

Download our free mobile app.

Why will we all be POMMING"?"

POM is easy

Fast and easy set-up

Install POM and identify yourself once by scanning the back of your ID card. From then on, you can scan and safely pay invoices. So all you need is a smartphone and 2 minutes of your time.

Easily pay paper invoices

With the built-in scanner function, you scan the payment slip. The app recognizes the necessary details and imports them right away. After confirmation, you can pay with just one click.

Easily pay digital invoices

Receive your invoices through the app and pay them with one click. You select which suppliers you'd like to receive invoices from. As soon as a new invoice is available, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone.

Don't miss a single payment

Would you rather postpone your payment for a bit? Don't worry, we'll let you know when it's time to pay your invoice. That way, you won't miss a single payment, and avoid reminder charges.

POM is handy

Clear overview

Get rid of that pile of papers. POM shows you a clear overview of the invoices that still have to be paid, those that are being processed and those that have already been settled.

Activate wherever you like

After invoices are processed, they can be automatically archived via e-mail or in your Dropbox. POM also stores your invoices for a two-year period. Using the search function, tracking down invoices is a cinch. And soon, more archiving options will be added.

Just as mobile as you

With POM, you've always got your administration close to hand. You pay, archive, and check up on your invoices wherever and whenever you like.

POM is Peace Of Mind

Completely free

You can download POM for free. And to receive and pay invoices through POM, there's no charge either. That makes the app completely free.

Completely safe

By scanning your ID card, we're 100% certain that the right invoice is safely delivered to the right person. In addition, every payment is checked for fraud.

POM is handy if you're self-employed, too.

Self-employed workers can have their invoices sent to their accountant or accounting package automatically.Did you know that POM also lets you easily send your invoices as a self-employed worker?

Send your invoices with POM

POM is the only app which lets you pay all invoices.

With POM, you can pay any invoice. You can scan all paper invoices using our app. But more and more suppliers are already sending their invoices out digitally. Even easier.